Possible Reasons for Adult Assessment:

  • Many college students or adults believe that they may have difficulties that were not appropriately evaluated or diagnosed in childhood.  These may include conditions such as ADHD / ADD, Autism / Aspergers, or a variety of learning disabilities in academic areas.

  • Many college students or adults received a diagnosis in the past but require an updated evaluation for supports at school or work. Some may need an updated evaluation to qualify for accommodations on standardized testing for college or for their career (certification or license exam).

  • Some adults have a developmental disability and require an updated evaluation for services or to receive disability benefits.

  • Some adults need an evaluation to understand their psychological condition or personality style.  This is sometimes recommended by a treating therapist or psychiatrist to help guide treatment.

  • Some adults need a psychological evaluation to become adoptive parents. 

Assessment Process for Adults:
The assessment process for adults varies depending on the reason for assessment and referral source.  Typically initial information will be received over the phone prior to setting the appointment to determine the purpose of the assessment and appropriate plan. You will also be informed of costs and payment options. Once the appointment is scheduled, you will be provided with some history forms and/or questionnaires to complete at online or at home. You may also be asked to bring past records with you, such as medical reports, school records, and any past evaluation reports.  These can also be submitted through an encrypted email or faxed to the office.

On the day of the appointment, there will be a more in-depth discussion of presenting concerns, history, and other relevant topics. You will complete some questionnaires about mood, personality, behavioral, thinking difficulties, or other related topics.  Depending on the reason for the assessment, you may also be asked to complete some tasks to evaluate your thinking skills and/or academic skills.  Some activities may seem like games or puzzles that you will do with your hands, some activities will involve pencil and paper tasks, and some activities will require you to listen and focus on certain information. Sometimes you will need to work quickly and for other tasks you can take your time. Most individuals do not mind the testing tasks even though many of them will require some mental effort.  Each task is rather short, from 5 minutes to 20 minutes or so.  The number of hours needed for testing will depend on the purpose of the testing, however there will be plenty of opportunities to take breaks when needed.  

For adults with suspected intellectual impairment, developmental disability, or considerable cognitive impairment, it will be important to have a family member, guardian, or caregiver involved in the evaluation process (i.e., provide history and other information regarding their current functioning and needs, complete forms, obtain records, accompany person to appointment, etc.).

After the testing is complete, the psychologist will review all the records and history, score up all the testing, interpret what the scores mean, and put all of this information into a comprehensive report. The results will be discussed with you over the  phone, by video (Zoom), or in person at the office. If desired, arrangements can be made to review results with family members or other relevant parties as well. 
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