• Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessments (adults & children 6+)

  • Dementia Evaluations & Consultation

  • Psychoeducational evaluations for LD, ADHD, auditory processing problems, Autism, Asperger's Disorder, developmental disorders, & other learning concerns

  • Psychological evaluations for mood, behavior, personality, diagnosis, eligibility for services or accommodations, job clearance, and more.

  • Psychological evaluations for individuals/couples pursuing international adoptions (contact me for specific info based on adoption country)

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Neuropsychological & Psychological Services

Proper consultation and assessment can help to understand changes in thinking, mood, or behavior and guide you towards solutions. When people are dealing with neurological, medical, learning, or behavioral challenges, the process can be overwhelming.  This is when support from a psychologist specializing in these challenges can be helpful. 

I am a licensed psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist with many years of experience working with individuals of all ages who are facing such issues, including the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries / Concussion

  • Stroke / CVA

  • Other Neurological Injuries or Illness

  • Medical Conditions & Illness (diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, MS, etc.)

  • Functional limitations due to illness, amputation, or injury

  • Changes in thinking due to aging, dementia, injury, illness or other neurological condition

  • Childhood issues that impact behavior, mood,    social skills, or learning

  • Adult psychological issues that impact mood,   behavior, social issues, or educational/job  success

~ Certified Brain Injury Specialist ~

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Improve thinking skills, school performance, and more with a 5-week training program developed by neuroscientists. 

This program involves a combination of office visits, phone coaching, and at-home training on a computer 5 times per week for 30-45 minutes.  Lasting results have been shown.  Contact me for more information and pricing. 
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Assessment & Consultation Services, Tucson, AZ